Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Palmaria (Gun)

Palmaria is one of the Italian firm OTO Melara developed from 1977 to 1981 Howitzer .
OTO Melara developed the Palmaria howitzer mainly for export and used here many components also for export Panzers OF-40 .

OTO Melara Palmaria
Palmaria tower on a Argentine TAM
Main Features
5 men
11,47 m
2,35 m
2,87 m
47 t
Armor and armament
Main armament
1 × 155-mm howitzer
Secondary armament
1 × 7.62-mm MG
8 Zylinder Diesel Engine
559 kW (750 PS)
Top speed
60 km / h
Power / weight
11,9 kW/t
400 km

Technical Description

The Palmaria is a fully enclosed, heavily armored howitzer. The chassis and running gear is based on the OF-40. The tower had to be completely reworked to accommodate the heavy howitzer can. Of Palmaria is designed so that only small changes had to be made ​​to the vehicle more difficult terrain and climatic conditions to adapt. Here OTO Melara aimed above all at the market in the Middle East, where the United Arab Emirates had already introduced the OF-40. This has the advantage for the buyer that many components can be easily replaced.
Palmaria is an extremely agile and fast car. There is also a high-road because the chassis was taken from a quick battle tanks. An unusual feature is the auxiliary engine for the tower. This allows for a faster rotation of the tower and saves the actual drive motor fuel. In this howitzer an automatic loading system was used, which every 15 seconds allows for firing.Palmaria is able to fire a large selection of different ammunition. These include:

  • high explosive shells
  • highly explosive / Splitter
  • Daughter ammunition
  • RAP bullets
  • Anti-tank mines
It is possible to install two 25-mm anti-aircraft guns.


1982 ordered Libya 210 Palmaria howitzers, another 25 went to Nigeria . Some of the Libyan howitzers were during the civil war in 2011 destroyed.  In Argentina in 1986, the tower on Palmaria modified chassis of the Tanque Argentino Mediano installed. The thus formed 17 howitzers were called VCA 155 ( Vehículo de Combate de Artillería de 155 mm ).