Thursday, September 13, 2012

Panzerbatterie (Traction battery)

Tank batteries are by armor plates covered or armor plates gun emplacements .
First introduced in 1869 Hermann Gruson such armored batteries in hard cast ago, inspired by Schumann's armor stand . This was later in France imitated.
The tank batteries translated mainly of post-and saddle plates in the front and from the overlying cover plates. The pillar plates are rounded and get off after the back to let slip enemy projectiles. The cover plates form the transition to the rear-mounted casemates .
The tank batteries, the colonel Vogl since 1885 when the fortifications of Tyrol built consisted of granite masonry with backward inclined front wall. Each gun emplacement was by a saddle plate from Compound steel ( composite closed), based on cast iron or cast steel blocks and assisted the transition was made ​​to the vault through a steel cap.
Tank batteries have lost their relevance in the modern military system and are only used sporadically.