Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Anti-aircarft tank (Luftabwehrpanzer)

An anti-aircraft tank is an armored vehicle that the air defenses and possibly for air surveillance is used on short and medium range.
The cars will be divided into anti-aircraft cannon tank and anti-aircraft missile tank, and mixed forms.
The main area of ​​anti-aircraft tanks, the defense of the fighting ground troops and bases near the front of the defense against air attack.

1 anti-aircraft cannon tank
2 air defense missile tank
3 hybrids

Antiaircraft cannon tank

The arming of the Flakpanzer consists of machine guns that have been modified for air defense or developed, as at close range the gun is often the most effective means of control of the attackers.
In order for the air defense of the Flakpanzer maximize the hit rate, it can be controlled with modern weapons systems from a fire control computer, which makes its data attached to a the vehicle or externally carried radar receives, as in the case of the technology used by the German and Dutch forces Flakpanzers Cheetah or the Russian Shilka ZSU-23-4 .
The first Flakpanzer came during World War II on the German defense against the Allied air superiority. The first model was the Flakpanzer I , on a 2-cm gun was mounted. Its successor was the Flakpanzer IV running on a modified chassis of the PzKpfw IV based. These tanks were called "moving van", the successor was the "East Wind" or "Whirlwind", which had a better armor on the sides. The disadvantage of the vehicles had their height and its open structure, which was resolved only at the "ball lightning".

Air defense missile tank

The arming of the FlaRakpanzer consists of anti-aircraft missiles , which were developed for this purpose or upgraded. In order for the air defense of FlaRakpanzer maximize the hit rate, they are controlled by a fire control computer, which makes its data from a mounted externally on the vehicle or carried radarreceives.


More recently, combination systems are offered, in addition to the gun still on missiles for striking targets at medium range feature (up to 8 km) (eg Tunguska M-1 , M6 Linebacker ).