Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Armoured recovery vehicle (Bergepanzer)

A recovery vehicle is a vehicle that is used for recovery and towing of heavy equipment.

This tank is used on the battlefield to destroyed or damaged tanks and trucks to rescue. To perform these tasks, on mountains tanks are various devices such as winches , hoists and cranes mounted. In addition, various tools are carried through to cutting and welding equipment to repair minor damage can. Usually a clearing and support shield is present.


- M74 (USA)
- M578 (USA)
- Bergepanzer 1 M88 (USA)
- Bergepanzer 2 (West Germany)
- Bergepanzer 3 buffalo (West Germany)
- Bergepanther (Empire)
- Armoured Recovery Vehicle III (Empire born out conversions)
- Bergetiger (Empire born out conversions)
- BREM-84 (Ukraine)
- Challenger ARRV, Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle-Version des Challenger 1-Panzers                                                                                                                                                                                      (Großbritannien)
- Char de Dépannage DNG / DCL (France)
- Entpannungspanzer 65 (Switzerland)
- Greif (Austria)
- Bergepanzer bison (improved in performance and armor variant of the armored recovery vehicle The second successor bison 2 uses the Leopard 2 chassis)