Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scout car (Spähpanzer)

A reconnaissance tanks or armored car is a lightweight armor for battlefield reconnaissance .

To a scout car vehicle technology are special requirements. Compared with heavy armored vehicles, according to the type stand directly in combat, reconnaissance tanks have properties, such as high mobility, low noise and wide-ranging telecommunications means . Also, the camouflage is an essential part of the vehicle classification. These properties can be partially achieved only at the expense of armor or heavy weaponry. Since the Second World War reconnaissance tanks have often been wheeled vehicles (due to the low noise level).

An example was no longer in use German Lynx scout car , equipped with silent multi-fuel engine , strong long-range RF transceiver and a 20-mm automatic cannon . Furthermore, the Lynx was originally buoyant. The armor was relatively weak and only protected against infantry ammunition.

Spähpanzer have not primarily to fight the order. This is only true for the easy explanation, depending on the number of vehicles used, or in connection with battle tanks can also be driven with combat reconnaissance mission. The scout car is, like all his military counterparts, not for use in covert spy missions suitable because it is easily recognizable as a military vehicle at any time.

Modified Spähpanzer be glad for peacekeeping missions of the United Nations and police special forces (eg SWAT uses), because as armored personnel carriers in the weight distribution of heavy trucks are similar and how they can be moved on normal roads and transport vehicles.