Sunday, August 26, 2012

Armored personnel carriers (Radpanzer)

Armored personnel carriers are motorized, armored military vehicles , based on a conventional chassis with two to four axes are constructed. The most secured only against light attack vehicles are mainly from diesel engines driven. The crew is usually made ​​of acommander , a driver and depending on the armament of a gunner


Fuchs armored personnel carriers with Pionierrüstsatz


As compared to the drives of tracked vehicles produce tire of Radpanzern greater surface load . Therefore, the vehicles to a comparable off-road capability to achieve, only a significantly smaller combat weight have.

To increase off-road capability are often tire pressure control systems used. The compared to chain drives lower frictional resistance reduces fuel consumption and allows particularly on paved roads a greater tactical range at higher average speeds . Armored personnel carriers are compared to chain mail because of the missing drives and the smaller engines are much quieter and much later noticed acoustically or located.

Because they weigh less the roadbed, they leave the urban environment less characteristic, some in the air reconnaissance conspicuous traces. Moreover recognize vibration induced anti-tank mines armored personnel often not as such.Because of this property, and because of the armor is lighter wheeled vehicles are preferred as APC and for the military reconnaissance and patrol. To increase off-road capability, many armored personnel amphibious and have a four-wheel drive .

The development of multifunctional Vielradpanzern is due to the lower technological complexity and thus much cheaper, particularly for countries with limited defense budgeteconomically interesting.

From the growing global crisis intervention in mountainous and urban areas of use is an increasing demand due to wheeled armored vehicles, as they compared to heavy battle tanks are air-transportable and have greater operational flexibility.


Armored personnel carriers are compared to Chainmail much cheaper to buy and to maintain. This has meant that many states have changed their entire armored forces in armored personnel carriers. These include the majority of African countries, and many countries of South America and Asia. Even with NATO forces, the armored personnel is increasingly proving to be a valuable military hardware, especially when deployed within the urban environment. The Soviet Army made ​​this experience even during the intervention in Afghanistan. This led to the development of such as the Radpanzern BTR-80 .


  • Troop ship
  • Gefechtssfeldaufklärung
  • Patrol
  • Rocket assisted Panzerjagd
  • Lead vehicle
  • NBC reconnaissance vehicle
  • Artillery Observation
  • Mortar Carrier
  • Ambulance