Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Armored fighting (Löschpanzer)

A fire tank is a motorized, mostly on crawlers rolling vehicle of military or firefighters for firefighters in major damage or disaster situations (burning oil fields, forest fires , tunnel fires) is used.
General distinction between staffed tanks such as the SPOT 55 with 11,000 liters of water and 2,000 liters of foam concentrate, which is under the Czech military [1] and staffed unoccupied fighting tanks that can be controlled remotely. The latter usually pull a hose line behind him and will not be self-sufficient .


1 Armored fighting
2 Fire support vehicle

Extinguishing tank

Unlike battle tanks , which usually with a gun turret is fitted, has a so-called quenching tank cannons or monitors . Other types of fire tanks use jet engines (gas turbines) to fine water mist for fire to blow. The advantages to conventional fire engines exist in the off-road as well as protection against explosions, hitting objects such as fallen trees or debris, and building heat.

Fire-fighting support vehicle

An example of an unmanned vehicle would fire support vehicle (LFR) 60 of the Austrian manufacturer computer. This aerosol fire engineconsists of an armor-like chassis and a turbine, which turns per minute up to 500 liters in a fine water mist. This mist is up to 80 meters wide shot to hard to reach the fire. These areas of tunnels, underground garages, underground wells, but also industrial equipment and wildfires. The vehicle can be up to 3000l/min water as solid or hollow beam throw up to 90m wide. Even middle-or low-expansion foam can thus be thrown up to 45 meters wide. Other functions include winch, forklift, mini crane, floating pumps, Zweiwegfahreinrichtung.